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Chantal Häberli

I am originally from Switzerland and have been teaching yoga for over 7 years and love to see how people evolve and become a more mindful version of themselves through yoga.

I teach Buddha Flow (Viniyoga), where every person practices asanas, breathing and meditation in an ease with themselves. It is a calm way of practicing yoga with a lot of breathing exercises and meditation.

I teach meditation classes on Wednesday morning and evening, where I guide you into a deep meditation state and at the end you can enjoy the  singing bowls in savasana. 


As well I am  teaching meditation and yoga nidra courses that take students deeper into understanding different breathing techniques and learn how to meditate themselves to gain deeper calmness within.


If you want to deepen your knowledge about yoga and you are looking for some deeper answers in your life, I am very happy to go on a life coaching or yoga therapy journey with you. Find more information on

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