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Liisa Tikka

I’m originally from Finland but studied and pursued a corporate career in London for over 15 years. 

As life often throws surprises for us to embrace, I found myself in Tallinn with my family that included a son, husband and a dog.
I have been passionate about yoga as long as I remember and part of the 40th old crisis, I guess, I decided to follow my dream and open a yoga studio here in Tallinn with the other Co-Founder, Chanti, and become a yoga teacher.

I currently teach Blissflow and Core Flow. I have designed each class as I would envisage my type of class to be - a flow that gives you a feeling that you have worked your body, followed by deep stretching and finish the class off with a long shavasana to offer everyone a chance to turn their gaze inwards and to check-out from the business of our daily lives.

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