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I am originally from France, but living and traveling abroad since the last 9 years. It seems that I always land back in Estonia, Tallinn where I started facilitating Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga after my 200h teacher training 4 years ago.

I love movements in general, and fall in love deeply with Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga as it feels to me as a moving meditation. A flow guided by breath, eye direction and activation of muscles to quiet the mind and let the body talk.


I am sharing here the Dynamic flow, a sequence based on Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with few twists from my personal practice. I teach what I practice and practice what a teach. 

When you come to the Dynamic flow class you come as you are, if you have practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga before or if you have not, yoga will meet you wherever you are. I will guide you through the sequence, adapt the poses and let you explore your own practice, you might surprise yourself, discover new movements, enjoy your body and have a laugh. 

Come meet yourself on your mat and trust the process of giving some love to yourself as you deserve it.

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