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Beginners Yoga Course

22. apr 2023

Join our Beginners Yoga Course in April

22th of April and 29th of April

13:00 – 15:00

Tallinn, Tatari 64, 10134 Tallinn, Estonia

Book your spot here:

This 2-week short but sweet introduction to yoga course is designed to establish a solid foundation for your yoga practice. During the classes, you’ll learn the core principles of yoga and practice the fundamental yoga postures in a very down-to-earth way. You will learn how to align and modify the most commonly practiced poses for your ability and body type, in a safe and friendly environment. We will build the practice step by step and also introduce meditation and relaxation techniques to cultivate a feeling of calm and balance.

Session 1:

Brief introduction about yoga

Basic breathing (pranayama)

Warming up & sun salutations

Standing postures (alignments and variations)

Final relaxation

Session 2:

What we learned last time

Balancing postures

Seated postures

Basic backbends

Short meditation

Final relaxation

After each session there is some time for complimentary tea and questions.

In order to provide you with a good learning environment and a safe space to ask questions and grow, places are limited to just 8 people per course.

Booking is for the both sessions and unfortunately missed sessions cannot be refunded. Our April course will be brilliantly led by Heidi Timonen, who has 10 years of experience teaching yoga for a wide range of people.

We will be providing you with the props you need including a mat. If you prefer to bring your own mat, please feel free to do that. Get in touch if you have any questions.

Who is this course for?

  • Complete beginners

  • Those who want an introduction to a physical and flowing yoga practice in order to feel confident attending other classes

  • You would like to revisit the proper alignment techniques and strategies for avoiding injuries in your practice

  • You are interested in re-visiting the practice after some time out

  • Looking to bring some much needed balance to your busy everyday life

  • Interested in improving your wellbeingLooking to strengthen your body, mind and spirit connection

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