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There's a dancer and believer in me. I’m a soul who believes that we are constantly growing and evolving. In the spirit of play, I have found my way in movement.


I started out as a dancer and discovered yoga 10 years ago. I completed my barre education in Stockholm and I have had opportunities to practice with international teachers from all over the world. There’s an artist in me and I love to create my movements by combining elements of different styles and practices.


My method is designed to transform oneself inside out. By changing our energy, we can change our way of life. With my mindful movements and intentionally arranged sound journey, we go through various elements inspired by nature, as nature is always in motion. The method blends together yoga and barre to create grace and balance (a dancer's body) in you to let your diamond shine.

I want to take you on a journey with me to find your true essence. Our aim is to become alive in our bodies and focus on every movement to achieve a toned and lean body. In my series, you simply let the waves carry you and trust the journey.

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